Friday, 31 Jan is
nix day.

Take action with these easy steps.

Cut out false and misleading information to improve the balance of a healthy news diet and encourage an honest, accurate and balanced conversation on the climate crisis.

1. Block their social media

Even if you don't Like or Follow, they can still reach you with ads. Take a moment to unlike, unfollow and block on Facebook and Twitter.

Block on Facebook:
Block on Twitter:

2. Subscribe to a responsible news source

There's plenty of Australian news sources that uphold responsible journalism with your community's best interests at heart:

3. Change your browser homepage

Set your browser's homepage to your chosen responsible news source. Consider doing this for your family, too.

4. Talk with your family and friends

Consider talking with your family and friends about the dangers that false and misleading information poses to their community. Gently invite them to follow your lead and nix News Corp from their news diets.

Invite your friends:

Won't this make echo chambers worse?

That's a great question. Let's talk about it ➔

We look forward to News Corp Australia reforming its publishing practices to become the responsible voice all Australians deserve.