It's time for Australia to
say no to News Corp.

Today, Friday the 31st of January, is
national nix News Corp day.

It's easy! Participate now.

The massive fires burning across Australia are another outcome of the worsening climate crisis scientists have predicted since the 1950s.

From our coastlines to our countryside, Australians take the conversation on the climate crisis seriously. News Corp Australia, however, continues to publish false and misleading pieces on the subject. Through the massive reach of their publications, which include papers such as The Australian and Sky News Australia, this disinformation works against the best interests of every Australian family.

Whether it's in our public venues or at our kitchen tables, it's time to take back the conversation and make sure it's taken seriously.

Launching soon.

Won't this make echo chambers worse?

That's a great question. Let's talk about it ➔

We look forward to News Corp Australia reforming its publishing practices to become the responsible voice all Australians deserve.